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    To become a Canadian, you must :

    -Be Over 18

    -Speak and write either one of the Canadian official languages [English or French]

    -Be a permanent resident

    -Be physically present in Canada for the minimum days within the required period set out by Canadian Citizenship and Immigration.

    -Take the citizenship test

    -Declare you will live in Canada after obtaining your citizenship


    Here are some of the quicker ways to move to Canada and obtain citizenship.

    Immigrate through Express Entry:

    -find out if you are eligible as a skilled worker that meets the criteria and educational requirements

    -high score in the Express Entry ranking system

    For further information, visit the Government of Canada website here.


    Going to school:

    In order to study in Canada, you will need to obtain a Canadian study permit or a student visa. A study permit allows you to study as well as switch between programs, and option to find part-time work while you study if you are a full time student so this may be a better option. For top schools and rankings, you can reference these sites:

    Top high schools in Toronto

    Top Universities in Canada


    Marry a Canadian and get sponsored to Canada:

    You do not automatically become a Canadian citizen when you marry one. However, your spouse can sponsor you to become one if you are not a Canadian permanent resident.


    Get a Canadian employer to sponsor your work permit

    There is a type of work permit that is employer specific, which requires the name of your employer, location of the work and length of the employment. Work permits can be extended while on a permanent resident application.


    The process of applying to immigrate to Canada can be a complex process and the rules are always changing. As a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Agent in Toronto, we can recommend a trusted immigration lawyer to help you jumpstart the immigration process.  Feel free to email Anne Lok for further inquiries.