Condo Nightmares: Units to Avoid Like the Plague!

When purchasing a Toronto condo, it’s essential to consider not only the amenities and location but also potential drawbacks. Here are some condo units you should think twice about before making a decision whether buying preconstruction or resale condos.

When navigating the pros and cons of condo units, there’s more to consider than just the view from your balcony. Let’s delve into the advantages and drawbacks of condo living in this vibrant city.

Units Next to the Elevator or Garbage Chute

These units can be noisy due to constant foot traffic or the sound of the chute door opening and closing. Plus, the proximity to the elevator might mean less privacy.

Units Above a Loading Dock or Garage Entrance

Noise pollution from delivery trucks, car engines, and people coming and going can disrupt your peace and quiet. Additionally, exhaust fumes may seep into your unit.

Units Above the Garbage Room or Garage Ramp

The smell from garbage disposal areas can permeate into nearby units. Living above the garage ramp might also mean headlights shining into your windows at night.

Top Floor Units Beneath the Party Room

While top-floor units often offer great views, be cautious if the party room is directly above. Late-night gatherings or footsteps can disturb your tranquility.

Units Below the Gym

Gyms can be noisy places, especially during peak hours. The sound of weights dropping or treadmills running can be bothersome if your unit is directly below.

Units located on the top floor

High floor condo units can be vulnerable to roof leaks, water drainage problems from pooling, and potential structural damage from the roof membrane as the condo ages. Penthouse units can face its own unique challenges. during torrential rain.

Check for Pigeon Populations

Pigeons can create a mess on balconies and windowsills. If you notice a large pigeon population around the building, it might be a nuisance.

Living Windows That Don’t Open

Some modern buildings have fixed windows that don’t open. While they provide natural light, consider the lack of ventilation. Also, if another building goes up nearby, fire codes may restrict operable windows.

Units Near the Pool or Common Areas

While being close to amenities like the pool or common room might seem convenient, it can also mean noise from gatherings, children playing, or maintenance activities.

Units Facing Busy Streets or Highways

Units with windows directly facing busy streets or highways can be noisy due to traffic, sirens, and streetlights. Consider the impact on your sleep quality and overall comfort.

Units with Structural Flaws

Be cautious of units with visible structural issues, such as cracks in walls, sagging ceilings, or uneven floors. These could indicate underlying problems.

Units with Poor Natural Lighting

Dark or poorly lit units can feel gloomy and affect your mood. Consider the orientation of the unit and the availability of natural light.

Units with Limited Storage Space

Insufficient storage can lead to clutter and frustration. Check if the unit has enough closet space or additional storage options.

Units with Inadequate Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for comfort and health. Avoid units with small or poorly placed windows that restrict airflow.

Remember, thorough research and a visit to the condo complex are crucial before making any decisions. So, whether you’re eyeing preconstruction or resale condos, weigh the pros and cons carefully before making your decision. Happy house hunting! 🏢🔍🏠

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